The Need

The Colchester Community Workshops
is a vocational and life skills training center which offers quality business services by individuals with intellectual disiabilties from Colchester County.
In their modern building named Rotary House, the clients develope their vocational and life skills through daily achievements.
The workshops continues its 9 programs, New To You Store, Intercolonial Cafe, Production Assembly, Ribbons and Buttons, Small Contracts and Assembly Programs, Cleaning Program, Resources Plus and Second Life Used Goods.
There are also health and wellness, life skills and community employment programs that assist with intergrating adult clients into the community as full citizens.

Demand for service to clients on the wait list cannot be met. As well, a growing list of commercially viable contracts and opportunities cannot be serviced due to lack of appropriate facilities.

The situation has been widely studied. More space is required to accommodate unmet client demand and the need for additional and appropriate work space. The current structure was not constructed to allow expansion and the land base on Arthur Street is inadequate for additional structures.

Additionally, a significant gap exists between the housing needed by our clients and the housing available. Clients with the ability to live independently have a very challenging time to find affordable and appropriate housing. Too often adults with intellectual disabilities face extra challenges in working toward a goal of independent living and this is primarily financial. This represents a significant unmet need for our clients.

Having services remain in the current building limits the Workshops’ ability to grow in its service to its clients and to the business community. Our current facility is holding us back.

The Dream
To provide a facility to accommodate programs for 100 clients through a capital undertaking.
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