Meeting all people where they are, and helping to advance their personal goals.

Our Mission

To create and manage funds for the exclusive benefit of the Colchester Community Workshops by providing a facility and resources to support its clients who seek to earn an independent lifestyle.

Our Objective

At CCW Foundation, our objective raise funds for major and extradorinary maintenance of the building "Rotary House" (e.g. major painting and decorating, roof replacement after major storm damage or when required).

Our Reality: Rotary House opened in 2005 and has served as CCW's headquarters. It was designed to accommodate 60 clients and operate seven programs. Since that time, we have grown. We currently support 80 clients, 10 in-house programs, 11 instructors, seven utility works and five administrative roles. At this time, we are operating past capacity, preventing us from offering new programs and accepting new clients.

Our Dream: An expansion is essential if the growing demand for services is to be met in a way that offers quality support to individuals with intellectual disabilities while contributing to the greater Colchester community. A large building on property adjacent to Rotary House has been purchased (Hallidays property). Structural and environmental issues have been resolved with functional and foreword looking plans developed. This $2.2 million initial phase of the $4.5 million project has been fully funded through the CCW Foundation.