Helping to propel our vision forward.

We are grateful to each and every one of our community champions helping to brighten our future. Learn about why they decided to support our vision through their stories below.


Eric Jennings

community supporter, masstown, ns

“Colchester Community Workshops gives clients experience, training, confidence, income and a sense of satisfaction, contributing to happier and more productive lives. In supporting Colchester Community Workshops Foundation Capital Campaign, we are supporting an expansion and renovations that will help more individuals be able to access programs at CCW, and permit implementation of new programs. CCW needs to be applauded for what it contributes to our community. The recycling effort they support, which diverts tons of waste from our landfill, should be an example to all.”


Joy Laking

artist, Portapique, NS

“An expansion of Colchester Community Workshops is essential. It is our obligation to provide this work and social opportunity for our fellow citizens who want to participate. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could expand programming to involve more individuals and even a safe space to visit and relax after hours! By supporting this Capital Campaign we have an opportunity to help grow something in our community that is already very good into something outstanding!"


Laurie Gunn

community supporter, great village, ns

“Supporting the Colchester Community Workshops Foundation’s Capital Campaign is supporting talented individuals who take joy and pride in their skilled craftsmanship. Think how wonderful it would be, and what could be accomplished for the entire community, if clients were working in a modern, expanded workplace. I encourage everyone to take a tour of CCW and understand how our entire community benefits from this wonderful organization.”


Hattie Dyck

community supporter, truro, ns

"We all win when we support Colchester Community Workshops. Their clients learn and develop work skills, find acceptance and purpose. They become active serving members of our community at large! It's good for local business, for our economy, and for our social fabric to have people at work, sharing their various abilities."


Allan & Keltie Bruce

community supporters, truro, ns

"20 years ago I was privileged to be part of Colchester Community Workshops Foundation Board which at that time undertook a project to raise $2.5 million to acquire land and build a new home for clients which became known as Rotary House. The "Create-A-World" campaign, in every sense of the word, created a world for some incredibly special people. Keltie and I are delighted to support this new campaign to expand the space and programs available to clients of CCW and which will ultimately allow more people to access opportunities. We encourage the people of Truro and Colchester County to do the same.”


Lloyd & Anna Gibbs

community supporters, truro, ns

“When we take our daughter to work at Colchester Community Workshop each morning, she runs to the front door to be with her friends, co-workers and staff. Colchester Community workshop has given our daughter purpose in her daily life. Quite simply, CCW truly enriches her life!”


Judy & Harry MacKenzie

community supporters, truro, ns

“After touring the present facility, Rotary House, and meeting the clients at the Colchester Community Workshops, we came away with only one question: How can we, as a community, not support this exciting and much needed endeavor?”


Angela Dwyer-James

community supporter, truro, ns

“CCW is an organization that is essential to the health of our entire community. From a commercial perspective, the programs offer important services, but even more importantly the participants have become respected contributors to our community. Personally, what makes CCW even more special, is that it taps into the hidden potential of people so they not only become more valuable to the community for their work, but their self confidence grows with their skill development. We are all richer because of CCW!”


Wayne Talbot

community supporter, truro, ns

“I believe that the work done at the CCW truly changes lives. Individuals who have been traditionally assigned to the fringes of society are welcomed into the mainstream. They are given hope, a sense of belonging, and a space where their special talents are recognized and valued. All people are entitled to have meaning and purpose in their lives and CCW provides the atmosphere, support and encouragement required for participants to realize their dreams.”


Andrew St. Coeur

community supporter, sobeys, truro, ns

“As a company, Sobeys takes great pride in supporting an inclusive workplace for customers and employees. Colchester Community Workshops does an excellent job of helping their clients learn new skills. They then become our valued employees. Supporting Colchester Community Workshops is a win-win situation for all involved.”


Stu Rath

community supporter, truro, ns

“Colchester Community Workshops is a great place. It provides clients an opportunity to learn skills and train for jobs in the community. Clients take great pride in their work and enjoy the opportunity to interact and socialize with their peers. CCW provides a valuable contribution to our community.”


Gar & Susan Moffatt

community supporterS, truro, ns

“The connection between proper facilities and the success of the CCW is undeniable. Everyone wants to be part of success stories and CCW clients need us all. Once again, we feel the community will find a way to help.”